Malaysia Association of Southern California
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Dear MASC's members,

The entire Malaysian Association of Southern California Board of Directors are working very diligently to bring you more exciting events this year.

Needless to say, active participation of members, friends, and volunteers is the reason for MASC's success, and it continues to be an important prerequisite for all our future events to be as successful.

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President : Mimi Lioe

Vice-President : Stephen Loi

Secretary : Les Henson

Treasurer : Lee Meach

Membership Director : Jenny Yan Barkley

Publicity Director : David Leong

Social Director : Virginia Ko

Director-at-Large : WeeTee Loh

Webmaster : Ping Lew

From left to right
Stephen Loi, David Leong, Lee Meach, Mimi Lioe, Jenny Yan Barkley, WeeTee Loh, Les Henson

MASC Board of Directors


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